In Action

Zeke has had many goals throughout his professional career, the highest one always remained the same, he wanted to be inducted into the Hall of Fame by the age of forty.



  • Congress Classic Open Champion riding Catarose
  • Congress 3,000 Novice Champion riding Quejanaisalena Glo
  • Southern Futurity Finalist riding Hickory’s Handy Cat


  • 5th in the 10,000 Novice World Standings riding Jazzware
  • 10th in the Open World Standings riding High Brow Doll
  • Classic Open Champion Missouri Futurity riding Big Bow Pepto
  • Derby Open Res-Champion Missouri Futurity riding Hickorys Handy Cat


  • 18th in the 10,000 Novice World Standings riding Rebekah Rey
Zeke was inducted into the NCHA Open Rider Hall of Fame in 2011.